Round 5 & 6 National BMX Series Ratoath Co Meath

August 25, 2015

So it all came down to one weekend the double header in Ratoath BMX .It took place on the 15th & 16th August 2015. People travelled from all parts of the globe, the Isle Of Man, France, Northen Ireland,  Cork, Wexford etc.

It promised to be a great family weekend with lots of fun and a great show of BMX racing at its highest level, the Ratoath crew were under pressure but hey that`s the way they like it and boy did they pull it off. We saw some great racing all weekend, we had a short break after the third moto then the fun began with the Boys V Girls dance off, Rocker race, strider event and we even had the Pro (Quentin Grun) against the young riders, our DJ Stephen blasted out the tunes all day with the tune of the day ( Intoxicated ) warming up the crowd, Chad and Eugene kept the crowd going for the whole weekend. Then the finals were up there was close racing in all age groups.

So onto the racing the Boys and Girls in all the age groups did very well pushing themselves to the limit but at the end of the day we can only have one person on the top step of the poudium. Five of the six rounds were to count towards the National rankings

The youngest group the Boys and Girls under 6 started off the day.

We can all see superstars of the future in this group with Calum, Carley and Killian leading the way.This is a very close group with 15 riders taking part in this years National Series.

Boys 7-8 took to the track after very close racing all weekend young Tommy (smiler) Campbell took the National number one plate closely followed by Dylan Gannon and Scott Ryle. 16 rider in total battled all year for the number one plate. 

Boys and Girls 9-10 showed how far BMX has come in such a short space of time, the skill level of these kids is hard to believe, Callum Clancy took the number one plate followed by Jade Gaffney and Reuben Byrne got his third plate even though he couldnt make the weekend, we had some first time racers in this group and Aaron Corfield traveled from Isle Of Man to race and boy did he do well taking the top step of the poudium on Sunday.

Girls 8-10 Aoife Murtagh took the number one plate then Alannah Carolan second and closley followed by Orlaith Murtagh. 12 girls too part this year well done to all the riders. 

Girls 11-14 it was great to see so many girls racing over the weekend the number are growing bit by bit Aimee Smith had her first race on Saturday, Abby Steacy took first followed by Jade Gaffney and Caitlin Gaffney. Well done to all 9 girls who took part  this year.

Boys and Girls 11-12 Ryan Quinn was unstopable this year taking max points in every round it wasnt easy as Niall Davis was snapping at his heels in every round Calvin Dunne took third over all, Corey Waller mixed it up with the older boys this year and took 4th over all. 11 riders in this age group each has there own personality such great kids.

Boys 13-14 Daniel Barker and Morgan Kearney had a great battle over the weekend swaping the points Saturday and Sunday Daniel took the number one plate, Morgan number two plate, Jack Larkin third plate, Ronan “I cant keep my wheels on the ground” Phibbs took forth then Adam Jackson who pushed himself to the max all year took the number five plate home.

Boys and Girls 15+ Ratoaths tallest 15 year old took the number one plate, Matthew Campell on that super Maybo bike took the number two plate, Brian GoPro Gillen took the third plate, Daniel Hayes got up off the ground to take forth followed by Katie ponytail O Neill took the number five plate well done to the 16 riders who made the year very exciting for all of us to watch and cheer on.  

Masters 30+ Lar Massey Mr style himself took the number one plate taking max point in every round, Ilmars Virsis the power house took second and Mr Eugene Jackson the legend took the three plate. Masters was the biggest group this year with 25 riders each and everyone did great all year and are such a great bunch of young guys and girl to be around at every national.  

Superclass Eoin Corrigan didnt have it easy this year, we saw some great battles with all the superclass riders all year round. its fair to say they showed everybody how a BMX should be rode moving their bikes around the track so quick and gliding over the jumps, so effortlessly it was great to watch and this is how they finished for the year.

Eoin Corrigan, Geronimo Roa, Aaron Edwards, Matthew mallone, Eamonn Wyre, Jake Lynch, Sam Murphy, David Dorney, Joey O Neill, Adam Fynes, and Jake Campbell.

Finally Ratoath BMX did a great job pulling off the weekend so a big thank you goes out to everybody the gave up their time to make it all happen, with track maintance, Race Director,  The Race Team, Photographer , DJ and of course Mr Shay McNally.   

We will see you all at the All Ireland BMX  Championship in Cork BMX Sept 12th/13th

Press officer

Eugene Jackson