2014 Summer Sessions Race League

May 1, 2014

Ratoath Summer Sessions 2014

2014 Summer Sessions

Ratoath BMX Club are proud to announce our 2014 Summer series set of races. We plan to hold a BMX race every Sunday for 7 events.

These will begin on May 25th until July13th, only broken by the Lucan National on June 29th.

We plan to open registration at 11:30am and close by 12:30, with racing starting at 1pm to finish by 3pm. Please support your club by making these events something to remember and get your skills honed for the World Championships at the end of July, or just come along and enjoy some local racing with your friends.

If we have enough entrants in each age group we will run a Novice Class.

 Following rules apply

All entrants must hold a valid Cycling Ireland Licence.

  • All Ratoath Club Members must show their Proof of membership.
  • Entries will be taken at the Track between 11:30 am and 12:30 am. Please register early.
  • This event will be run based on UCI BMX rules. Points will be awarded to all riders as per their finishing position from Finals to Motos
    • Three motos for each age group
    • Quarter or Semi-final if required
    • Groups of less than 8 riders will have extra moto with all moto points tallied.
    • Top four in each semi going to A Final and bottom four in each semi going to B/Consolation final
  • All Competitors must wear a Full Face helmet, Gloves, long sleeved jersey and trousers.
  • Prizes will be the overall results of the League.

More Details at www.ratoathbmx.com or latest on our Facebook Group Page ‘Ratoath BMX’