What is BMX Racing

BMX Racing

BMX racing is derived from Motocross, it’s Bicycle Racing on specially prepared dirt tracks over jumps and around banked turns, typical tracks are 350M long and races are sprints between 8 riders that last under 60 seconds. Since 2008 BMX racing is an Olympic Medal Event and one of the most popular additions to the Olympic movement so much so that in 2016 BMX Freestyle will also be included. BMX Freestyle BMX Freestyle is exactly that, “It’s Free” and encompasses all BMX riding other than racing, it’s hard to categorise but there are Street, Park and Dirt elements. This type of riding has been popularised with the X-Games.

BMX in the Community

A BMX Track will enhance a community for young and old. BMX Racing provides a safe and challenging sport for male and female alike. Events cater from under 6 to over 40 years old. BMX racing is clean, exciting fun that whole families can get involved in whether as a racer, spectator or track volunteer. BMX has something to offer everyone.

 Ratoath BMX Club

Ratoath BMX club is the first club in Ireland formed since BMX racing stopped in the late 1980’s, Ratoath resurrected the sport in Ireland by the hard work of its volunteers and has built a community funded UK national Standard BMX track for the locals and wider community. Opening in late 2011 and with a membership in 2012 of over 600 members it became the largest Cycling Club in Ireland by a factor of two, and voted the second best cycling club by a Cycling Ireland poll in 2012. We are very proud of our achievements and hope you enjoy the benefits for you and your family of what BMX racing can do for you.