6th Round of the Irish Nationals in Ratoath 18-08-2013

August 23, 2013

The 6th Round of the Nationals kicked off with 99 Riders trying to make a name for them self’, It was a dry day with a breeze hurting on the 1st and 3rd straight  the rain held off yet again we can put that down to the praying the McNally family do. It was a great day for all the family with lots of close racing to keep the spectators occupied and a bouncy castle to keep the little ones happy we even saw a Strider race at half time to keep the young guns interested.

The talk of the day was young Matthew Malone had moved himself up to superclass it was clear from the start that some of the big guys were worried more about that later.

Lets start with girl power for a change, It was a great turn out for the girls, fair play keep bring your friends girls we love seeing you mixing it up with the boys. We had 7 Girls in the under 7 that was the biggest turn out so far. The under 7’s was won by Chloe Steacy 2nd Shauna & Chloe  Byrne with Skyla Nally, Abby Bolger and Ava Bolger right behind them. 8-9 Girls was won by Abby Steacy (CAAM Racing) unfortunately we had a faller in this group as Jodie Hayes broke her wrist but it was kissed better by her little sister Carly.

The Girls 11-14 and the Ladies were put together to make up the numbers and it led to some exciting racing, Kate Larkin and Katie O Neill took the wins in their age groups

On to the people who leave the toilet seat up otherwise know as the Boys, there was great racing in the under 6 boys James Wood took the win followed by Dylan, Alex,Callum,Tommy,Evan and Carla Hayes (girl).Under 7’s It was the unstoppable Cory Waller then Callum,Charlie (the dancer) Cal and Warren these lads were mixed in with the under 8th group and stayed with them throughout the day. Under 8 Ruben Smith took the max 100 points.

Boys under 9 there was a great display of what you put in you get out with Young Niall Davis showing that hard training pays off wining every Moto “keep up the hard work Niall”. The rest of the guys are right on his heals Lee,Ryan,Chris,Aaron and Bradley. Boys 10 Morgan Cian and Zach battled all day with Morgan coming out on top in the end.Boys 11 There was 11 riders in total Jack Larkin (BMX Bandits) took the win a special mention to Adam Jackson making it to the A final on his new bike.  

Boys 12 Alan Coleman took max points in his group & he is leading the Nationals so far, Shane Rowe took the 90 points. Boys 13 We hadn’t seen Aaron McNally in weeks then he shows up and takes max points it must be in his blood he must get it off Caroline cant wait to see her race, Leon Curley (Kings N’ Leon) put on a good show taking 2nd this was a great age group to watch. Boys 14 Eoin Corrigan had it far to easy missing his race pal Matthew not to take anything away from Sam Murphy (Principal Stay Strong) he is in a class of his own,I think its important that someone tells Adam Fynes how well he did as he banged his head after the racing was over, here’s a photo to help.

The boys 15 were put into the 16-29 group but that didn’t stop Aaron X-up Edwards winning all the motos followed by one foot Bradley and Go-Pro Gillen all the lads in this group have showed a huge improvement Jake Campbell, Chris Madden, John Connolly well done.

Men 30+ The man with the yellow helmet took the points again (Ian Callaghan) he was out in front for most of the day, Geoff Lynch was never to far behind on that lovey bike we would all love to have,Paul Moore (Track Pirates) took third place,Rod Hughes popped out his shoulder some say he was trying to clear the quads.The great thing about this age group is that everybody is friends with each other and can be sometimes seen sharing some werther’s original and a cup of Bovrill.


There was 13 riders all batting for one thing “YES” beat Lar Massey and only two that can say they did is Ben Schultz and young Matthew Malone what a rider his first moto in Superclass and what does he do,he only goes out and beats the man who leading the Nationals (Lar) it takes courage to do such a thing so well done young man.Ben Half a helmet Schultz had a great win in the final swapping places with Lar who it has to be said wasn’t 100% fit nursing a strapped up wrist,Eamonn took third Chad Race face Gilmer wasn’t far away,also a mention to Killian Callaghan and Matthew Malone for making the A final two young guns pushing themselves to the limit to beat the very skilled riders in Superclass. 

Now onto the next National in Ratoath 15 September thanks to everybody who took part the volunteers who gave up their time,the photographers for all the snaps and especially Mr Shay McNally who is living the dream.   

Press Officer

Eugene Jackson