Ratoath BMX National Round 3 April 7th

April 23, 2013

 2013 Irish BMX National Series – Round 3

Hosted by Ratoath BMX it was a great day for all the racers and their Family’s some really close racing all day, it was nice of the weather to hold up just think 7 days ago we had snow on the track, there was some great racing in all age groups, Ill start with the youngest, Boys under six it was between Noah Masterson, James Wood, Tommy Campbell, Dylan Hahne-Moore and Maximillion Fitzgerald, what brave guys they are.


 Then we had the boys 7 years with the mighty Cory Waller leading the pack they raced with the boys age 8 group which Reuben Byrne took max points .The boys age 9 now here’s a group that gets better every time we see them picking up the skills of BMX with ease, Niall Davis is one of the guys to watch this year. Boys 10 Morgan and Cian were swapping places all day with Morgan coming out with max points in the last three Nationals. Boys 11 had the most riders in their group with a total of 12 you had to fight hard in this age group with Ross Callaghan taking the max 100 points. Boys aged 12 was won by Brian Kavanagh. Boys 13 this is a group I like very much with our own Aaron McNally doing well holding his own against the little fellow Adam Davis, Matthew Campbell & Leon Curley (Kings N” Leon) were in the mix also. Boys 14 there was no holding back with this group battling right to the finish line in every race max points were taken by Sam Murphy who also leads the league table on 290 points. Boys 15 well what can you say about Aaron Edwards he was flying all day and nobody could catch him, you could see this guy representing  Ireland in the Olympics in the near future. Now for the Men 16-29 Aaron Kelly showed up on the day taking full point’s lm hoping to see him next Nationals but not sure about the 16-29 lads, some of the guys in this group have only started racing in the last few months like Go-Pro Gillen (Congress) and one leg Bradley.


Now let’s talk about the Girls first up the girls U7 Shauna Byrne, Ava Quinn, Skyla Nally and Chloe Steacy parents be warned when your girl aged 7 & under asks for a BMX instead of a dolls house it’s time to get worried, these young girls are tough and were pushing right to the end it was great to see. Girls under 8-10 were no different some great racing in this group with Abby Steacy (CAAM Racing) taking the full points. Well done to all in this group this is a small group and were always looking for new riders to join in so if you know someone bring them along next time or visit our website www.Ratoathbmx.com  . Lady’s (15 +) Well done to Katie O Neill & Allison Murphy.

Back to the men first 30+ this is a new group set up to try encourage new riders (Dads) to the sport with 23 riders entering so far in this year’s Nationals its turning out to be the race to watch with some spills and very close racing. Well done to Ian Callaghan (Callaghan Racing) on his first place you can’t miss him he’s the one with the yellow helmet out in front.    

Now for my favorite group the Superclass love following them around the track, Round three of the Superclass saw a Super star from Spain join us thanks to Diego Pascual Del Pobil pro rider for showing us the lines, the lads put up a great battle with Kevin how did he stay on the bike McShane nearly getting Diego on the first corner and the Dark Night Massey taking third place, it was great to see so many guys down from the North to join in with the fun. It’s getting very professional with all the team vans, team tents and all the new race gear.


The Team competition is hotting up CAAM Racing taking full points from all three National best of luck to the Teams in the next round. You can get all the results on  http://ratoathbmx.wpengine.com/results-2/results-2013/




Club Press officer

Eugene Jackson.

 Ratoath BMX National Round 3 April 7th